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HR4ALL can help protect and grow any business of any size or life cycle

You don't even know what HR is but know that you at least have to start with an Employee Handbook. Or you utilize non-HR staff to do HR work, but the risk of non-compliance or an audit keeps you up at night. Tier I of HR4ALL's Priority Client Subscription Service can meet your needs at a price that's a fraction of paying an HR person on a full-time basis.

Maybe you're a middle-market firm, have HR support, but if something big happens such as a sexual harassment complaint, Department of Labor audit, or EEOC charge it's beyond their experience. Or, you need strategic, executive-level HR expertise but not on a full-time basis. Tier II of HR4ALL's Subscription Service meets your most complex needs for a small piece of what you'd pay a full-time HR executive or a consultant.