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Priority Client Service Tier Two

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HR4ALL's Priority Client Subscription Service - Tier Two

And we’re not done yet. Our Priority Client Subscription Service can go even further. Designed to move beyond compliance, Tier II Service provides strategic analysis of your people programs and helps you to make the most from your investments in those areas. Annually, HR4ALL evaluates key components of HR and includes recommendations on how to better align them to the company's strategic plan to grow your business. These include:

  • Strategic Business Plan: HR4ALL will evaluate how your HR Business Plan aligns with the long-term strategic objectives of the company
  • Operational Business Plan: HR4ALL will evaluate how the current and next year’s HR Business Plan aligns with the short-term Operational Plan
  • Benefits Plans: HR4ALL will evaluate the structure, cost, funding mechanism and overall performance of your group benefits. This includes your annual renewal. And if you authorize us, we will work directly with your benefits broker to ensure you’re getting value from their services
  • Learning Plan: HR4ALL will evaluate your overall training and learning map for the company. We will make the appropriate recommendations to maximize the effectiveness of your program
  • Talent Plan: HR4ALL will evaluate the process by which you accept applications, interview, select, process and onboard new staff
  • Compensation Plan: HR4ALL will evaluate your base and incentive compensation plans for appropriate structure, components, integration with the Performance Plan, etc. Market Data on competitive compensation amounts are available separately
  • Performance Plan: HR4ALL will evaluate your performance management practices, historical outcomes, degree of integration to the strategic and operational plans, rating scales, forms, etc
  • HR Technology Plan: HR4ALL will evaluate your use of technology in the HR functions to automate manual tasks, create efficiency, consistency of service, always-on employee access, content delivery and process enhancement

Clients have the flexibility to purchase one, or both Tiers of Service. Clients who opt to bundle both Tier I and Tier II Services enjoy a 10% discount. Both Tiers of Service include HR4ALL’s unprecedented Priority Subscription Client Commitment.