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Priority Client Service Tier One

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HR4ALL's Priority Client Subscription Service - Tier One

The foundation of this service lies in protecting your company with expert Human Resources support for serious Employee Relations issues. Sexual harassment, audits/inquiries from government agencies, violence in the workplace, theft/fraud, etc. In other words, the stuff that can really damage your organization.

HR4ALL provides you with personal consultation on the issue and, if an investigation needs to occur, we conduct it on-site at your facility. We document our findings, provide a report and our recommendations. In most instances we are immediately available. And we have a 24-business-hour-or-less return call promise.

But your monthly subscription goes a lot further. HR4ALL also conducts nine (9) on-site Annual Training Programs for your employees and supervisors, many of which are required by law. These annual training programs include:

  • Employment Law and Company Policy Compliance
  • Sexual Harassment / Harassment Prevention
  • Diversity Awareness
  • Legally Compliant Interviewing
  • Effective, Behavior-Based Interviewing
  • Active Shooter and Emergency Preparedness
  • Basics of Workplace Safety and Accident Reporting
  • The Supervisor’s Role in Workplace Safety and Accident Reporting
  • Safety Committee Certification Program

Clients have the flexibility to purchase one, or both Tiers of Service. Clients who opt to bundle both Tier One and Tier Two Services enjoy a 10% discount. Both Tiers of Service include HR4ALL’s unprecedented Priority Subscription Client Commitment.