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Thirsty Thursdays: O.N.A. It only looks like magic!!

O.N.A. - It only looks like magic!

To celebrate HR4ALL's strategic partnership with we want to share how powerful this tool is in this week's Thirsty Thursday.

Every company has it's "go to" people.  Those individuals that everyone says, "Oh, she's got to be on the team!" or "He's the only person around here that can do that."  These legends usually revolve around technical skills or specialized knowledge.  Rarely do the comments involve an individual's skill to communicate change, their resilience to uncertainty, or their positive attitude in the face of frustration and adversity.  But what if there was a tool that could help identify those in your organization that you must win over to make sure your change effort succeeds?  Organizational Network Analysis [O.N.A.] has some powerful features that you should consider before making your next change initiative.


ONA utilizes intelligent technology that monitors your network and it's users to determine who are the most "connected" and influential.  Mixing in targeted survey tools that also allow employees to provide direct and specific feedback, both data sets come together to give you greater insight into how to best initiate, implement and successfully execute any change initiative, large or small.  Even basic organizational communication, the most-cited failing of companies as told by employee surveys, can be optimized to create the most effectively run operation on a day-to-day basis.  


In your career, if you had to put a price on the change initiatives and corporate communication efforts that failed because the company tried to take a too narrow approach how much would it be?  What about times you've experienced a company try the carpet-bombing approach and used every communication method and then overused them thinking that eventually they'll reach everyone.  They're right, though.  They will be successful in reaching out and sabotaging their efforts by frustrating the organization by over-communicating their message to everyone in every way possible.


Comprehensive data, collected real-time and instantly without intrusion into the business, done automatically, without having to remember to email everyone a survey, is not only powerful information but it's unbiased.  Couple that data with honest employee responses and the analytics and reports provided through ONA could be the most important information that an organization could have.  Using that data, a company can create a comprehensive communication and change strategy that they can be confident will be successful in its execution.  

What Business Challenges can ONA Solve?


Imagine having credible information on critical Human Resources and organizational challenges that can guide your investments and actions.  What if you could answer questions like:

  • Who are our Most Valuable Employees?
  • Who should we solicit to be our Change Agents?
  • Which employees might be flight risks?
  • Are our Succession Planning efforts properly targeted?
  • Which Departments and Managers are best at onboarding?
  • How do we maximize post-acquisition integrations?
  • Who are our best collaborators?  Technical experts?
  • How effectively do different departments and offices interact?
  • Who is a good leader of remote staff?
  • Who are the zombies and vampires draining the energy of the company?

More so today than ever before it's imperative that companies have good data about their employees in order to make intelligent decisions about who to spend time on developing for future roles, who to manage to positions better suited to their skills and abilities, and how to predict outcomes with greater probabiltites for success.  

Learn more at and contact HR4ALL today for an analysis of how this powerful technology can transform your business.

Thirsty Thursdays are about our collective thirst for learning and knowledge.  It’s not about Beer:30 [although HR4ALL is all for that, too!]  We hope this weekly nugget of knowledge opens your mind and gives you a reason to pause and think differently.    Have a great weekend everyone! 

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