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Are you insured?

Yes. HR4ALL carries appropriate levels of General Liability and Professional Liability (E&O) Insurance in the amount of $1MM per occurrence.

What is the legal defensibility of your work?

Every client is entitled to make their own choices about implementing our recommendations. The recommendations and work products of HR4ALL are provided under the same professional guidelines as any employee of similar education, certification, skills and experience. HR4ALL is also fully insured. While there is no guarantee that any outcome will prevent a party bringing suit, HR4ALL will stand behind its work and participate in any legal inquiry or proceeding.

What's the advantage of the Quarterly Retainer Agreement or the Monthly Subscription Service?

The advantages over being a “I’ll just call you when I need it” or project-based client are numerous.  HR4ALL will not take on more clients or projects than we can handle.  If we think that a client or project will jeopardize the high bar of quality and responsiveness, we set for ourselves then we won’t accept the work.  But if you are already a Monthly or Quarterly Client you won’t be turned away at what might be the time you need HR advice the most.  Additionally, staying connected with clients on a regular basis allows us to operate more in the capacity of prevention versus cure.  And, regular conversations help to uncover potential risks or areas for improvement that the client might not even think are possible problems.  Our service fees to detect and prevent non-compliance issues or employee relations problems are far cheaper than an attorney’s consultation and services after something goes wrong.  HR4ALL cannot guarantee availability to clients who are not on a subscription plan.

What if I purchase the Do-It-Yourself HR package but there’s a form, a training class or advice I get from the HR Hotline that I don’t understand?

No one benefits from dissatisfaction in any form.  If you don’t understand something, HR4ALL will be happy to answer your question.  No client is going to be turned away or left to figure out unfamiliar territory on their own.  If, over time, the client seems to need more personalized support then HR4ALL will recommend a Quarterly Retainer Agreement or Monthly Subscription Service.

Why is there a 90-day cancellation period for the Quarterly Retainer and Monthly Subscription Service?

Unlike other companies who might push to add more and more and more clients, HR4ALL ensures client satisfaction by voluntarily limiting the number of clients we support.

Who will service my account?

Mark Morgenfruh, Founder and CEO, personally services every client. 

Do you subcontract any work?

Your business challenges are important and we do not hand off any part of solving them outside of HR4ALL. Likewise, I will not take a project that I know I am not qualified to handle. If your needs fall outside of my expertise, I will utilize my extensive professional network and attempt to connect you with someone capable of solving your challenge. No referrals will be made without the client's consent.

How do you stay current in the HR practice?

Primarily, most of my professional licenses and certifications require that I conduct or participate in certain activities over the recertification period to maintain my credentials. This is accomplished in a variety of ways including attending annual conferences, authoring white papers and articles, speaking at various events, and conducting targeted HR activities and projects. Trade publications and other written and digital literature are also methods to keep abreast of trends and legislation. Newsletters and legislative alerts, as well as maintaining a robust professional network ensure I keep current in my craft.

Do you have any partnerships with other organizations?

HR4ALL has one the most extensive professional networks available.  Whether you need Automated reference checks, fast background checks, instant drug tests, security monitoring, expert Insurance Brokers, IT support services, Safety Trainers and Experts, a Commercial Realtor, Facilities and Maintenance vendors, Bankers, a promotional product vendor, Fleet Maintenance and Repair, Financial Planners, Architects, Event and Photography professionals, or Payroll and Tax Services HR4ALL knows someone who can help solve your business challenge.  AND, all Retainer and Subscription Clients get access to BenefitsHUB – the world’s largest employee discount and recognition portal.

What is BenefitHUB and will my employees like it?

Employee pricing on vehicles, access to the world’s largest travel agent, pricing from a partner that sells more than 7 million sports and events tickets annually, offers from over 200 insurers and voluntary benefits providers and a proprietary method to identify and encourage local businesses to join and offer discounts, BenefitHub is a not only a source of great employee satisfaction, it’s free to your company!  You can even choose to integrate it with your existing benefits package and they offer an extensive number of tools, planners and training on the financial well-being of your employees.