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What's the advantage of the Subscription Service?

The advantage of being a Tier One Priority Subscription Client of HR4ALL is priority support for your needs. When an HR issue pops up, subscription clients have the confidence that they are one phone call away from having someone with the right experience and approach come in, assess the situation, and give the proper recommendations. Tier One subscription service includes on-site investigations and provides nine (9) annual compliance trainings. Tier Two Services move beyond compliance to provide strategic analysis and support for your HR functions. HR4ALL cannot guarantee availabilty to clients who are not subscription clients.

Can I purchase only one Tier of the Subscription Service?

Yes. Clients can purchase Tier One or Tier Two services individually. Clients who purchas both Tiers of Service will receive a 10% discount.

Are you insured?

Yes. HR4ALL carries appropriate levels of General Liability and Professional Liability (E&O) Insurance.

Every client is entitled to make their own choices about implementing our recommendations. The recommendations and work products of HR4ALL are provided under the same professional guidelines as any employee of similar education, certification, skills and experience. HR4ALL is also fully insured. While there is no guarantee that any outcome will prevent a party bringing suit, HR4ALL will stand behind it's work and participate in any legal inquiry or proceeding.

HR4ALL places client satisfaction above all else. In order to ensure we have the bandwidth to meet client needs we voluntarily choose to limit the number of clients and projects that we engage. This means that projects and activities for non-subscription clients are evaluated in consideration of overall resources. This time period allows HR4ALL to transition service and setup other interested clients on our waiting list.

Why is there a 90-day cancellation period for the Subscription Service?

Mark Morgenfruh, Founder/CEO of HR4ALL, services each client personally. You'll get my full attention and experience to meet your needs. To ensure client satisfaction the number of clients supported is voluntarily limited.

Who will service my account?

Your business challenges are important and I do not hand off any part of solving them outside of my firm. Likewise, I will not take a project that I know I am not qualified to handle. If your needs fall outside of my expertise I will utilize my extensive professional network and attempt to connect you with someone capable of solving your challenge. No referrals will be made without the client's consent.

Do you subcontract any work?

Primarily, most of my professional licenses and certifications require that I conduct or participate in certain activities over the recertification period to maintain my credentials. This is accomplished in a variety of ways including attending annual conferences, authoring white papers and articles, speaking at various events, and conducting targeted HR activites and projects. Trade publications and other written and digital literature are also methods to keep abreast of trends and legislation. Newletters and legislative alerts, as well as maintaining a robust professional network ensure I keep current in my craft.

How do you stay current in the HR practice?

HR4ALL is partnered with a handful of other firms. We are currently in conversations with other compnaies that compliment our services and would like to partner with us. And with an extensive professional network if we can't solve your challenge we almost certainly know someone who can.

Do you have any partnerships with other organizations?

The Subscription Services are a flat-fee annual contract, billed quarterly. Additional projects, and project-based clients, are given quotations based upon the scope of the work. Hourly engagements are established with agreed-upon hourly rates. The only other costs are travel, expenses and training materials.

Are there any other costs?