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Priority Client Commitment

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HR4ALL's Priority Client Commitment

Get treated like royalty. HR4ALL makes an unprecedented commitment to our Priority Subscription Clients. Relationships matter to us. If taking on additional clients or projects would put us in a position where we may not be able to effectively service our Priority Subscription Clients we simply won't do it. We aren't interested in being the biggest, just the best. If we reach capacity we will hire more resources before making commitments that stretch us too thin.

Your Priority Client Commitment has six key benefits:

  • HR4ALL commits to do our best to answer right away. We will return calls to your Authorized Account Users in no more than 24 business hours. You expect service for your money and we're committed to deliver it
  • HR4ALL will not engage in projects with non-Subscription Clients that would have a potential impact on the service we provide to Priority Clients. If that means we have to turn down work to keep your satisfaction high that's something we're prepared to do
  • When our Priority Subscription Clients have an important issue they go to the front of the line. We will give prompt service no matter what project we're working on at that moment
  • HR4ALL extends priority service on additional projects that Priority Subscription Clients hire us to complete
  • HR4ALL will extend Preferred Pricing Terms on additional projects to Priority Subscription Clients
  • HR4ALL will apply rush service to additional projects for Priority Subscription Clients